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Title graphic for The Cost of Brunch in 20 Years
Title graphic for The Cost of Brunch in 20 Years

Average home values in the 1950s used to cost a measly $7,400, but today many Americans are grappling with rising costs of college tuition, gas prices, and other goods. While we hope to never experience another Great Depression, soaring inflation numbers could have Americans thinking twice about their spending habits. This left us wondering what the economic impact of inflation would have on one of America’s favorite pastimes—brunching! 

As none of us want to forgo the simple joys of coffee, Bloody Marys, bottomless mimosas, bacon, and pancakes mid-morning, we wanted to gain insight into the cost of a meal at various brunch restaurants across the country 20 years from now. Using newly released data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics; you will be shocked at just how much times are a-changin’. Read on to discover which cities may require you to crack open your piggy bank at one of your go-to brunch spots in the future! 


To discover the cost of brunch 20 years from now (based on the inflation rate as of March 2022), we began by determining typical brunch dishes from sources like MasterClass to curate a list of eggs, protein, bread, fresh fruit, pastries, coffee, and alcohol. Next, we analyzed data from five top-rated brunch restaurants on Yelp in each city and then averaged those prices together. We used the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ current inflation rate (6.9%) for their “food away from home” index to calculate the cost of brunch in 2042 with a CPI Inflation Calculator. While inflation tends to rise and fall, these projections and prices can change in the future and are only meant to give you a picture of the impact of abnormally high inflation rates across the U.S. that are taking a toll on Americans today.      

The Price of Brunch is Going Up

U.S. map of the 20 cities with the largest average brunch price increase

As Americans are primed to spend an extra $5,200 this year due to inflation, it got us thinking about the cities with the highest brunch price increase from now to 2042. San Francisco, CA, is first on our list with an average price increase of $34.37. San Francisco, CA, will run you $5.22 per cup of coffee on average. This price will increase to $19.83 by 2042 at the current inflation rate. So if you want to become a self-made millionaire, perhaps follow in their footsteps and brew a cup of joe at home. 

It’s no surprise that the Big Apple places second on our list with an average brunch price increase of $32.89 per meal. What New York City lacks in space, they make up for in flavor. An all-day bistro, Jack’s Wife Freda is a spectacular brunch spot that serves soft baked eggs with challah toast and espresso martinis for a morning buzz. 

Chicago, IL, places fifth on our list with a $31.67 price increase for an average brunch meal. When it comes to sophisticated brunch places, Dusek’s Tavern, located in The Windy City offers steak and eggs, lime coconut muffins, and coffee cocktails perfectly curated with house cold brew, cinnamon, orange zest, Irish whiskey, and coffee liqueur—a treat we might be willing to loosen our purse strings for.

The Most Expensive Cities for Brunch in 2042

Charts displaying the 10 most expensive cities for brunch based on prices in 2022 and 2042

In Miami, FL, the current inflation rate is higher than the national average, so it is no surprise that they are projected to have the third-highest cost of brunch in 2042 with an average cost of $44.16 per meal. Still, we can’t imagine giving up one of the top brunch places at Caja Caliente and missing their mahi-mahi stuffed empanadas or a michelada—a Mexican drink with a base of tomato juice and served with a salted rim and a dash of Cholula hot sauce. 

Whether you brunch at 10 a.m. or 3 p.m., Las Vegas, NV, places sixth and their average brunch cost comes in at $42.72 in 2042. Though this price is a bit terrifying, consider splitting an order of Hash House A Go Go’s Big O’ Pancakes that are the size of a steering wheel tractor and come in a variety of flavors like Red Velvet, Butterscotch Almond, and Banana Brown Sugar!

Washington, DC, ranks seventh with current brunch prices averaging a cost of $11.24 which is projected to increase to $42.71 in 2042 with a 6.9% inflation rate. Save up for a meal at one of their ultimate brunch places—D.C.’s Honeymoon, whose brunch menu features chicken and waffles with honey butter and a blackened chicken breakfast burrito.

The Cost of a Boozy Brunch in 20 Years

Receipt displaying the cities with the most expensive price tag for cocktails

Many believe brunch isn’t complete without a boozy drink to begin your day—cause it’s 5 o’clock somewhere! Riverside, CA, places first with the most expensive cost of three brunch cocktails, averaging in at $42.00. It may be best to stick to just one drink at brunch in this location. 

Boston, MA, a city known for its drinking, may want to dial it back as the average cost of three brunch cocktails is currently $33.50 and is projected to rise to $42.42 a drink in 2042. The Buttery serves classic brunch options like smoked salmon eggs benedict and Grown-Up Iced Coffee made with dark rum, kahlúa, house-made Irish cream, Equator cold brew, and almond milk. 

Austin, TX, rounds out the list at number twenty with an average cost of three brunch cocktails priced at $31.50, and $39.88 a piece by 2042 To save any damage to your bank account, consider pre-gaming at home before Ubering out to brunch in 2042. 

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to one of the simple joys of life—dining out at one of our favorite places that serve brunch, most Americans couldn’t possibly contemplate spending an average increase of $27.18 in Nashville, TN. While we may not always love to plan for the future (brunch budgets and all), it may be the best thing we can do for our bottom lines. 

Whether it’s budgeting for a nice meal out at one of your local brunch places or protecting your company’s future—stay ahead of the curve and enhance sales forecast accuracy with TransImpact’s inventory planning software. Or, contact us today to take your business up a notch.

Full Data:

That wraps up our Cost of Brunch in 20 Years ranking. Interested in diving deeper into the numbers for the top cities, or wanting to see the estimated cost of brunch in 20 years near you?

We’ve compiled our full data study for all 35 U.S. cities analyzed into the interactive data table below. Search for the city you call home or click on the heading of each column to sort by that category!


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