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Breaking Down the 2020 UPS GRI and the Impact on Your Shipping Costs

UPS has announced its 2020 General Rate Increase (GRI), which means it’s time again for small parcel shippers to look past the headlines and figure out how the increases will impact their shipping costs in the coming year.

As we always do, Transportation Impact has built the industry’s most detailed analysis of the GRI and made it available for instant download – CLICK HERE TO GET THE REPORT.

The purpose of this analysis is to provide UPS shippers with relevant and actionable information to both understand and reduce the impact of the GRI — something that’s difficult for any shipper to do by simply reading the UPS announcement. Here, we highlight the key takeaways we’ve uncovered in the data that shippers need to know.

For more information, as well as to see exactly how much the GRI will impact your costs in 2020, contact us at

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