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Analysis: The FedEx 2020 General Rate Increase (GRI)

Here’s how small parcel shippers can see past the myth of the 4.9% average increase.

FedEx has announced its 2020 GRI. At this point, however, it’s old news to point out that the carrier’s stated 4.9% average increase amount is meaningless. Experienced shippers all understand that the cost impact of the GRI is dependent on a company’s shipping characteristics and agreement with FedEx. They know the priority is to dig past the headlines to figure out what the impact will be for them. This report was created to help you do just that.

Click Here to keeping reading the most detailed analysis you’ll find on the GRI (no download required).

What’s better than reading about the GRI? Preventing it from increasing your small parcel shipping costs. Contact us at and we’ll show you how much the FedEx GRI will cost your company in 2020 if you do nothing… and a simple way to prevent it.

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