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Our solutions are built for data-driven decision makers in the manufacturing industry. Efficiently gain insights into purchasing, inventory, distribution, and production.

Data Analytics for the Manufacturing Industry

What information would empower you to take your organization to new heights? What are the five things you would like to know at the start of every day, week, or month to optimize your focus and increase impact?

  1. Expose bottlenecks so supervisors can take action to improve
  2. Customize your reporting to be specific to your shop floor and supply chain
  3. Optimize labor with insights into the efficiency, working hours, and productivity

Delivering Data and Empowering Growth

Data without insight has no return. Implementing our manufacturing solution in your organization will result in increased productivity, efficiency, profitability, and overall margins. You’ll gain opportunities to grow the top and bottom line, and discover automation of manual processes.

Manufacturing Case Studies

Providing end-to-end horticulture industry products and services.

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Providing world-class engineered and elastomeric solutions for the global life sciences, automotive,
and industrial markets.

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Aexcel, a $20M paint and industrial coatings manufacturing company, wanted to invest in the ability to further drive sales growth and proactively understand trends.

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This vertically integrated systems integrator and electronics contract manufacturer with four major manufacturing sites and six facilities works with clients from ideation to realization.

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A developer and seller of chemicals and materials used in construction as well as sealants and coatings used in packaging had issues with account consolidation projects and also wanted to ensure that the rates they were receiving were market appropriate.

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A client with parcel advisory services since 2017, this company sells products that support the retail, commercial, and retread tire industry, and UPS has been their primary carrier for over 20 years.

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This customer is a major multinational company that ships exclusively with UPS, sending over 700,000 shipments annually, with 90% of those utilizing Domestic Air.

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A company in the vaping industry that ships primarily to store fronts with an e-commerce presence of about 25% of total business approached TransImpact to assist in locating regional carriers and working on securing proper pricing that would fit the client’s needs after FedEx and the USPS announced they would no longer deliver vaping products.

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A pet food manufacturer with a strong emphasis on quality came to us seeking a solution for poor data visibility and reporting capabilities, and inadequate staffing on the logistics side.

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A major manufacturer of shoes and eyeglasses had a new management team and were open to hiring a consultant to assist with reducing their small parcel spend.

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The reports have enabled us to move from instincts, intuition and gut feel to manage our business to relevant and timely data to make informed decisions. We have totally changed our morning production meetings… All of our supervisors and managers receive the daily reports first thing when they arrive. The reports have made production supervisors more keenly aware of the impact of their actions on our financial performance. They are more freely moving resources for example to areas of greatest need.

— A Manufacturing President & CEO

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