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Episode 20

Let’s Talk Ship:
How BI Solutions Deliver Fast and Sustainable Savings to Any Parcel Operation

Thursday, April 21st
1:00 pm – 1:30 pm EST


Parcel optimization used to mean negotiating a competitive discount and maybe auditing invoices for refunds. But today, parcel technology enables companies to do so much more. Parcel shipping systems and business intelligence tools can leverage a company’s own data to optimize everything about parcel shipping, including hidden costs and other savings opportunities.

BI solutions provide a level of visibility that drives larger savings and greater margins at the click of a button. Join host Branden Burt of TransImpact and Geoffrey Williams of Superior Group of Companies for our next episode of Let’s Talk Ship to learn about challenges many companies face in the parcel operation and how new technology and processes can ultimately drive across-the-board operational improvements and cost reductions.


Our Speakers

Branden Burt
Director of Operations

Branden has been with TransImpact for eight years and has quickly become an exceptional leader for the Operations team. He began his career at TransImpact as a Business Analyst and then Billing Manager, elevating to Director role in 2019.

Branden graduated from Campbell University with an MBA and enjoys working alongside talented TransImpact Operations team members. He has a family of five and loves spending his free time with his kids.

Geoffrey Williams
Project Manager
Superior Group of Companies

Geoffrey has an extensive logistics background and, prior to coming on board with Superior Group of Companies (SGC) last year as a project manager, has worked for companies like UPS and JBS. His focus with SGC is process improvement with an emphasis on logistics, production, warehousing, and inventory management.

Additionally, he is an entrepreneur and founded a craft brewery in Atlanta, GA in 2014. This combination of small business knowledge, large corporate experience, and a well-honed logistics acumen give him a unique perspective on how best to navigate a fluid business environment.


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