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We had such a great response to our “12 Days of Christmas” video series on overcoming objections that we’ve made another one for you! The theme this time is the TransImpact Parcel Spend Intelligence™ technology.

This series of six short videos (average length 1:10) gives you talking points to aid you in selling Parcel Spend Intelligence. The videos explain three key analytics features — Time in Transit, Accessorials, and DIM; and three key spend management features — Alerts, Actionable Insights, and Parcel Spend Overview.

Day 1 - Parcel Spend Intelligence OVERVIEW

The Parcel Spend Overview is a quick and easy way to monitor KPIs and key metrics at a glance, week over week, month over month, etc.

Day 2 - Parcel Spend Intelligence ACCESSORIALS

On any carrier invoice, there’s a lot of data to take in. This video shows how shippers can use the Accessorials dashboard to break out solely that cost point and do a 1-click quick-and-dirty receiver-sender analysis.

Day 3 - Parcel Spend Intelligence TIME IN TRANSIT

With the Time in Transit dashboard, shippers can do an easy snapshot comparison of carrier-specific services side by side for all carriers to determine if a cheaper service would get a particular type of package there in the same time frame as a more expensive service. This also allows for location analysis — would it be cost efficient to open a new distribution point in a certain location?

Day 4 - Parcel Spend Intelligence ALERTS

This video demonstrates how shippers can use alerts — both pre-built and custom — to monitor key metrics and KPIs.

Day 5 - Parcel Spend Intelligence ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS

The Actionable Insights dashboard organizes savings opportunities into one view. Shipper can 1-click into a particular opportunity for quick insights, and also find new opportunities they might not know about.

Day 6 - Parcel Spend Intelligence DIM ANALYSIS

This video demonstrates the value of the DIM Analysis feature for shippers to pinpoint where in their supply chain they’re getting hit again and again with large DIM charges, so they can address the problem, and address it at the right place.

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