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Hi, I’m Berkley Stafford, Chief Executive Officer at TransImpact.

Headshot of Berkley Stafford

About Me

As CEO of TransImpact, I have had the privilege to guide the company’s transformation from being primarily a shipping negotiation and audit provider to an industry leader offering the first end-to-end supply chain technology solution. Our organization’s commitment to excellence has buoyed growth and innovation, and I am committed to ensuring that TransImpact remains at the forefront of innovative supply chain solutions.

I am also deeply committed to TransImpact’s philanthropical initiative, IMPACT1, which we formalized in early 2017. I have been proud to watch IMPACT1 grow into a powerful force for giving and a defining feature of the company.

Before joining TransImpact, I was Head of Healthcare Sales, the Americas, for Envirotainer, where I led a team of sales professionals in architecting temperature managed supply chains for some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Prior to that, I worked at UPS for 15 years in a variety of operational and sales capacities, focusing on supply chain optimization.

I hold a BSc in Business Administration from The University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

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