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Are Your FedEx/UPS Rates Market Appropriate? Are You Sure?

In 15 minutes we can tell you for sure. 

Through our partnership with Coupa Advantage, TransImpact will do a free rate analysis for you. And 85% of the time, we find substantial savings.

Here’s what we’ll need:

  1. Annual net spend by carrier
  2. Do you have a rebate? If so, what is the annual total? 
  3. Credentials (UN/PW) to carrier billing portals. Or we can file retrieval instructions (takes 10 minutes)

If meaningful cost savings are uncovered, TransImpact will work with you to secure a best-in-class rate agreement in about 6 weeks, requiring less than five hours total of your time.

Want to learn more? Need some assistance? Ready for us to start running your free parcel analysis? 

Call or email: 

Mike Bothof
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