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Are Your Carrier Rates Market Appropriate? Are You Losing Margin Because They're Not?

Your negotiated carrier rates may not be saving you money. Especially if you haven’t done a rate analysis in the last few months. 

Through our partnership with Coupa, TransImpact will do a free rate analysis for you. And 85% of the time, we find substantial savings. And it will take very little of your time. 

Here’s what we’ll need:
  1. Net spend by carrier
  2. Copy of rate agreement
  3. Credentials (UN/PW) to carrier billing portals
  4. Contact info for person that manages rate agreement(s)
  5. Contact info for person that manages carrier relationship (if different than above)

Want to learn more? Need some assistance? Ready for us to start running your free parcel analysis? 

Call or email: 
Mike Bothof
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