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A major American multinational clothing company with significant storefront and e-commerce business had a strong business relationship with the carrier.

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A boutique home décor brand with a strong online presence and no brick-and-mortar stores was growing quickly and wanted to reduce its small parcel spend.

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Our first engagement with a luxury jewelry designer resulted in $1.4 million in annual savings for parcel shipping. Our second analysis and negotiations created an additional $710,000 in savings.

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A major clothing retailer and long-time TransImpact client asked if we could help identify opportunities for efficiency savings by adding distribution centers.

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One of the great things Avercast did us the opportunity to take as many SKUs as we wanted and give them historical data and run the forecast in the system and see what that output was.

— Supply Chain Manager

This business intelligence reporting platform saved us over 80 hours of manual reporting and the solution immediately exposed us to data that allowed us to make quick decisions that positively affected our bottom line.”


This business intelligence allowed us to immediately obtain accurate data, increase our profitability and get a better understanding of our customers and what they purchase.” 

— National Sales Manager

Interning has given me the opportunity to see the results of my work being utilized in real life by a real client. Working here has given me the opportunity to learn more about myself, my interests and disinterest because...

— Kou V.
Manager Implementations

“With thousands of fast-moving SKUs we are able to manage the forecasting and planning in literally minutes with customized reports.”

— Pranav Gupta
Forecast Analyst

I feel like they care. And I feel that, that word in particular has been lost in a lot of business relationships.

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