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Manufacturing | Business Impact Analytics

Harness your manufacturing data for productivity reporting, shop floor, operational, and management reporting.

Go Beyond ERP Reporting with Business Intelligence

Transform how you use your data on a daily basis.

Business Intelligence

Take a Look at the Power of These Dashboards

Productivity vs. Efficiency

Productivity vs. Efficiency

Toggle between productivity and efficiency. Drill down by shift, by work center, by the employee. Uncover issues such as rework time that are hurting your bottom line.

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Invoice-Level Detail

Invoice Level Detail

Speed, access, and automation into the reports you need at hand. Expose past due orders, down to customer and invoice-level detail – in just 3-5 clicks.

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This business intelligence allowed us to immediately obtain accurate data, increase our profitability and get a better understanding of our customers and what they purchase.
– National Sales Manager

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