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Business Impact Analytics Solutions

Our game-changing business intelligence technology is giving our clients the distinct advantage to see what others don’t. We help you think ahead, stay ahead, and plan ahead with precision, gaining control of your company’s future, improving reputation, and delivering data analytics and business intelligence reporting.
Up to 10%
Margin Improvement
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Continually Evolving and Moving Forward to Help Businesses Unlock Profitability

Our specialized tools and analytics solutions enable our clients to make faster and better decisions. Custom reporting dashboards allow you to visualize the critical information and KPIs relevant to your business. Go high-level with enterprise reporting or quickly drill down. Interactive dashboards show where you’re holding excess inventory or where you’re experiencing costly shipping delays. It’s real-time information from your systems.

But technology is only part of the process. We partner closely with you to uncover actionable insights that lead to stronger financials.

Pick the Suite that Works for Your Business

TransImpact Business Impact Analytics Suites are built to begin with one or two, and gradually add more as your business needs grow.

Technology Services

Technology Integration

We use your data to create a complete data analytics solution, designed to have an immediate impact on your business. By harnessing the power of the Microsoft BI suite and the market expertise of our people, we deliver practical, value-driven solutions across the supply chain network.

Managed Data Analytics

In 3-5 clicks, discover actionable insights that will empower growth for your company. You’ll find understanding into your fixed, variable, and semi-variable cost factors. Custom dashboards allow you to visualize the critical information and KPIs relevant to your business.

Custom Applications

Business intelligence reporting platforms for any manufacturer or distribution organization. Featuring apps and industry solutions that focus on process improvements in the areas of Theory of Constraints (TOC), Flex, Productivity, Efficiency, Labor & Machine performance, Inventory control and much more.

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I figured out that with TransImpact on my team, I was actually saving about 2-1/2 days a week. It was taking that much time to pull together useful data. What would you do with an extra 2-1/2 days a week?
- Event Planner

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