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Leading With Impact

How Your Shipper Clients Can Turn Their Data Into a Business Advantage

Date: Wednesday, October 20th
Time: 2 p.m. EDT

Join Guy Manias, TransImpact National Sales Manager – Parcel Spend Intelligence, will review key features of the TransImpact Parcel Spend Intelligence™ tool and the best way to position it to your prospects.

Some of the key points Guy will cover in this webinar hosted by partner relations managers Danielle Crump and Laura Zimmerman:

  1. Interactive: It is a tool that allows shipper to interact with their data, not just visualize it.
  2. More than an audit: This is not merely an audit recovery — the shipper keeps all of the refunds.
  3. Actionable insights: The shipper can research cost-saving strategies with 1-click.
  4. Alerts: The shipper can set up proactive KPI tracking with 1-click actioning.

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